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Room names counting sheep!

Introducing Yan, Tan, Tether, Mether and Pip!

  • 26 April 2016
  • Cambridge House

We've taken the old wive's advice on counting sheep at night and re-named our bedrooms in Swaledale dialect for counting sheep!

One Yan, two Tan, three Tether, four Mether, five Pip, six Azer, seven Sezar, eight Akker, nine Conter and ten Dick!

So previously if you stayed in Room 1 it is now Yan, Room 2 is Tan, Room 3 is Tether, Room 5 is Mether and Room 4, the single room, is Pip (smallest room has the shortest name)! 

Each area had its' own dialect so Wensleydale is different to Swaledale which is different to Teesdale and so on but they had some commonalities e.g. Yan/yain one; Pip/Pit five; Dix/Dick ten; Bumfit 15 and Jigget/Jiggit 20. We're just glad we don't have ten rooms or fifteen rooms!!!!!